Local news source MyDesert.com reports that the BrightSource Energy’s 500 megawatt (MW) Palen project, which would have been constructed in Coachella Valley, was disapproved by the California Energy Commission (CEC). The ruling reinforces the notion that the state’s utility scale solar industry is struggling to build out new capacity, as opposition from local and environmental groups to these large projects is considerable.

Unfortunately, because such projects require the approval of so many various stakeholders, developers can sometimes spend years trying to secure the blessing of these various groups. In the case of Palen, there was concern about the aesthetic qualities of the project, which would have involved the construction of 750-ft. tall boiler towers that convert sunlight collected and concentrated by giant mirrors to electricity. There was also opposition because there were fears that the towers could lead to deaths of migratory birds.

The CEC has advised BrightSource to switch to photovoltaic (PV) panels instead of concentrated solar, but the company has stated doing so would not be possible financially.

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