One demographic that has a lot to gain from going solar is that of seniors and retired persons. Solar panel systems save their users thousands of dollars in the long run, which is important for anyone on a fixed income looking to reduce expenses wherever they can. Additionally, because retirees typically stay in the same home, they need not worry about what to do with their panels if they move, such as bringing them along or transferring the lease to the new occupants of the house.

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) recently weighed in on this subject and came up with some criteria for determining whether solar is a good idea:

  • Availability of government incentives in your area: Solar is a better investment if your utility and local government offer incentives to switch to solar. Fortunately, California is the most solar-friendly state in the country. In addition to claiming the Federal Renewable Energy Tax Credit if you purchase your system, you can also take advantage of net metering from Pacific Gas & Electric, which allows you to sell excess solar energy back to the grid and run your meter backwards.
  • Financial resources available at your disposal: One of the big misconceptions about solar is that you need to have a significant amount of cash on hand to be able to make the switch. In fact, West Coast Solar offers flexible financing and leasing agreements that require no down payment and only a small, affordable monthly payment. We’ll take care of installation, permitting and maintenance, so you’ll be able to power your home on clean, renewable energy!

To find out more about why residential solar energy solutions are a good idea for retirees, contact West Coast Solar today!