When it comes to renewable power, there are a handful of Hollywood celebrities who are leading by example by living sustainable lifestyles and investing in solar energy solutions for their homes. Let’s take a look at some stars who put the environment first:

Bill Nye – This well-known scientist and TV host lives in a green home in Southern California. “I have 18 solar panels, each about three feet by four feet,” Nye wrote in a Wall Street Journal article. “This time of year, [December], I produce about 8 kilowatt-hours of electricity each day. In the summer when the days are longer, the system produces more than three times that.”

Darryl Hannah – In between acting in movies like “Roxanne” and “Kill Bill,” Hannah is an avid environmentalist who partakes in protests, airs her own video blog and lives in an energy-efficient home. Her house runs on solar power, uses a grey water recycling system and is built with non-toxic materials.

Ed Begley Jr. – It’s impossible to feature a list of eco-friendly celebrities without bringing up this environmentally conscious actor. Not only has Begley Jr. been riding his bike to awards shows and investing in electric vehicles since before it was trendy to “go green,” but he even began executive producing and starring in his own TV show, “Living with Ed,” which chronicles his energy-efficient lifestyle. Begley Jr. and his wife, Rachelle, live in a 1,585-square-foot solar- and wind-powered house.

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