Are you taking advantage of modern technology in your everyday life? Maybe you’ve got the latest smartphone and drive an energy efficient car, but what about your home?

If your home is still stuck in the 20th century, maybe it’s time to consider an upgrade or two. Making the switch to solar energy and investing in home automation are two of the best ways you can bring your home into the 21st century.

Get a Free Nest Thermostat or Ring Doorbell When You Go Solar

If you’ve been wanting to harness the power of the sun and make your home more connected, there’s never been a better time than the present! If you purchase a solar PV system for your home from West Coast Solar between October 24, 2017 and December 1, 2017, West Coast Solar will give you a free Nest thermostat or Ring video doorbell. In addition to gaining access to clean, renewable energy, you’ll start reaping the benefits of smart home automation.

Why Go Solar?

Installing a solar PV system in your home offers numerous benefits, especially here in Northern California where sunlight is plentiful. When you upgrade to clean and renewable solar power, you increase your home’s resale value, minimize your carbon footprint, and reduce or even entirely eliminate your monthly electricity bills.

The Benefits of Home Automation

Many experts are calling solar the energy of the future, which makes home automation the perfect complement to a new solar PV system. Home automation lets you use technology to make your everyday life more convenient by turning your house into a connected home. With a connected home, you can automate everything from the lighting and doors to the plumbing, heating, and air conditioning systems. Here are some key benefits of home automation:

  • Control your home’s lighting, locks, heating and cooling systems, and more, remotely with your smartphone
  • Get real-time data on your home’s energy usage, water usage, air quality, and more
  • Conserve energy and save money on your utility bills by scheduling your heating and cooling systems to kick in only when you need them
  • Keep your home safe and secure with smart locks and remote entry area monitoring

Two home automation tools that are especially popular here in the Brentwood region are the Nest thermostat and the Ring video doorbell. The Nest thermostat makes enhancing home comfort simple and energy efficient with easy scheduling and smartphone monitoring. The Ring video doorbell, meanwhile, lets you see, hear, and speak to anyone at your front door from your phone or computer, helping keep your home more secure.

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