When phone cases with built-in batteries were first released, the world went wild. You now had the ability to use your phone for a longer amount of time, without worrying about where its next charge would come from.

Home batteries are having the same effect on a larger scale. With their ability to store power for use at home, the benefits they offer are significant, especially when combined with a solar system. Discover how to take advantage of a home battery for your Northern California home.

Reasons to Install a Home Battery

Although a home battery is beneficial on its own, when it’s combined with solar, it can make your home feel unstoppable. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider a battery for your home:

  • Rely on Safety, Comfort & Peace of Mind

When there’s a grid power outage, you’ll keep the lights on with help from a home battery. This ensures you can stay safe, comfortable, and worry-free.

  • Get More Out of Solar

When paired with a home solar system, a battery can help you gain even more control over your home’s energy usage. Since you’ll have the ability to store energy without sending it back to the grid, you’ll receive a return on your home’s renewable energy investment more quickly. So, you may increase your savings, while also increasing independence and preserving the environment.

West Coast Solar: Renewable Home Energy Solutions

Upgrading your Northern California home with reliable energy management solutions is essential if you’re interested in savings and energy efficiency. Our team at West Coast Solar can install a home battery whether or not you currently have solar. However, we also specialize in custom solar solutions so you can start getting the most out of clean energy to keep your home running while saving on energy costs.

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