The Pacific Gas & Electric Company is gearing up for and notifying people of the possible power outages coming down the road soon. In a place like Napa or Marin, we all know how crucial maintaining power is to the continued level of comfort we’re used to. The ability to power up your kid’s laptop aside, you still need to be able to access your work email and maintain temperature control throughout the day. You don’t have time to suffer whatever temperature fluctuations the exterior world is currently undergoing.

But don’t fret, West Coast Solar is sure we have a solid solution.

The Threat Of Power Outages

Extreme weather is always the culprit behind power outages on a mass scale and California lately is the location for many of these unfortunate events. Whether you see these extreme weather systems as a symptom of the climate change the planet is currently suffering or not, your power could still go out at the drop of a hat, especially if extreme fire danger conditions threaten the electrical systems you’re relying on. This is referred to as a Public Safety Power Shutoff.

Public Power Safety Shutoffs have been determined a necessity after reviewing a variety of criteria such as the evidence of strong winds, low humidity, and critically dry surrounding vegetation. If we determine that we need to turn off the power, we’ll make an effort to contact you beforehand and let you know in advance. If you are in the area that’s not experiencing these weather systems, you may still experience a power shut off, as the power lines connecting you to the grid cross counties, regions and cities. After the storm has passed, we’ll be able to visually assess the damage done to the system and reinstate your power within 24-48 hours after the weather has passed. We suggest, however, that you prepare for outages that could last longer than 48 hours.

West Coast Solar Can Help You Prepare

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