If you’ve been a Northern California native for several years, you already know about the wildfires. You’re already familiar with the way your lungs constrict when you step out the door. You know all about the asthma flare-ups you or your family members suffer. We don’t need to describe the utter horror you experienced as you watched the videos circulating all over Facebook of people driving their car through apocalyptic style firestorms. The wildfires in California have been wreaking havoc on the state that seems truly unprecedented in the last few years and now it’s going to start affecting the price of electricity, as if it weren’t taxing your subconscious enough already. 

PG&E’s Current Threat

According to the Pacific Gas and Electric Co, if the wildfires continue to be as devastating as they have been for the past two years, you’ll likely see your electric rates jump by around 50%. Obviously, the programs this will hit hardest is California’s newest and most impressive clean energy initiatives. The main programs the state officials are concerned about is the initiative to get more electric cars on the road and lower the use of natural gas in buildings. The idea is that these wildfires will have to be put out using some funds and those funds will have to be collected from the utility income, the same income used for those ongoing efforts to limit the use of fossil fuels. Mostly, the concern centers around the economic consequences of these same issues. For if Silicon Valley’s prices rise even higher, people will have to commute from farther and farther away, forcing some of the bigger companies in the area to either move or find another equalizing strategy. This is all because of PG&E’s $30 billion liability for the past two years regarding wildfires will be pushed onto the customers. 

PG&E Taking Responsibility

PG&E isn’t shying away from it’s potential responsibility surrounding the wildfire issues. In fact, they’re currently in contact with state regulators to work out processes that they’ll start to follow to pass the costs of the 2017 wildfire onto customers. If you didn’t know. They have to do this because state investigators recently found their equipment responsible for the 2017 wildfires, and while they have yet to announce the cause of the 2018 wildfires, PG&E has already admitted that their equipment was likely responsible for that one too. 

Stop Buying From PG&E 

If they’re equipment burning down the entire state of California isn’t enough to convince you that they don’t deserve your money, then perhaps a 50% price jump will be. The only way to avoid PG&E is by investing in your own way to create clean energy. Introducing residential solar panel installation that could easily slash the costs and the money you’re contributing to PG&E’s coffers. 

Solar Panel Installation in Sacramento

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